Sport & Fitness with The Shakti Mat

Shakti Mat Users Above: Sophie Mackenzie - World Champion Double Skulls Rowing 2016, Gillies Kaka - Commonwealth Games Gold Medal Winner - Rugby 7's, Megan Craig - Professional New Zealand Squash Player 



How does The Shakti Mat work?

Acupressure is a form of physical therapy and The Shakti Mat simply allows easy self-treatment. The Shakti Mat can work in two distinct ways to enhance your athletic performance. If used briefly before exercise, the effect of the acupressure is to excite the nerves, preparing the body for peak performance. When used for longer periods of time, The Shakti Mat can aid muscle relaxation and increase joint lubrication.



"I can’t speak highly enough of my Shakti Mat. I’ve been travelling the World Series with it, using it before games and at night to wind down as well. I ended up giving my mat to my nan because she loves the feeling she gets after standing on it, and now I am onto the advanced mat."
– Gillies Kaka, NZ Rugby 7's


Two steps to enhance performance

Once you have chosen the desired muscle group to exercise, The Shakti Mat can be used both as a tool to stimulate and rest the muscles.

2-3 minutes pre-workout to stimulate

  • Intense nervous system stimulation to support muscle strength
  • Circulation boost oxygenates muscles
  • Sympathetic nervous system stimulation (fight or flight)

20+ minutes post-workout for recovery

  • Acupressure relaxes the muscle and aids blood flow for muscle repair and recovery
  • Acupressure improves and speeds up the body’s natural healing ability
  • Parasympathetic nervous system activation (rest and digest)

    How can I incorporate this into my routine?


    Use with:
    • Balance sports (skiiing, snowboarding, skating, surfing)
    • Exercises involving balance like squats and lunges
    • Running and boxing


    Use with:
    • Running
    • Biking
    • Rowing
    • Exercises on legs like squats, lunges and deadlifts

    Upper Back and Shoulders

      Use with:
      • Contact sports like rugby or league
      • Rowing
      • Upper back exercises like shoulder presses, chin ups and dead lifts


      Use with:
      • During rest periods during intense ab workouts
      • Core exercises

      Lower Back

      Use with:
      • Lower back exercises like hyper-extensions or deadlifts
      • Rowers
      • Back recovery from various sports


      Use with:
      • Exercises on the chest (push ups, bench press, dumbbell bench press)
      • Contact sports