Your own Personal Masseuse


 "I absolutely love my Shakti Mat. I look forward to getting on it at the end of my day and I even pack it when I go away for the weekend... The entire area floods with warmth and lying on The Shakti Mat begins to feel utterly delicious... Overall, The Shakti Mat has become one of the habits of my daily life"

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Kara-Leah Grant - Lead Writer for 'The Yoga Lunchbox'


‘Before long you find yourself flooded with a warm, calming sensation. Here's the crazy thing, I found the after effects to be very similar to a full-on massage. It’s considerably cheaper than most massage treatments and you can treat yourself to it whenever you like... I can honestly say it has relaxed me and helped me sleep’

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Glenn Hart - Newstalk ZB



Meet Your Personal Masseuse

Take 20 minutes to sink into relaxation with The Shakti Mat. It can be useful in times of:

Supporting deep, restful sleeps
Soothing tired and creaky muscles
Boosting normal recovery from headaches
Supporting recovery from muscular injury
Overall wellness for the mind and body
          Relaxation whenever you want, wherever you want