User Reviews


Well received
"I bought this for my husband who has been suffering from shoulder pain due to a trapped nerve from a muscle injury. He has used it several times now and really enjoys the feeling of all being he gets from lying on it. I haven't used it properly myself yet but am looking for to making things to do that as he is really pleased with it. "
Nicola M.
Wonderful relaxing meditation
"It is for people who want to deepen their meditation, relaxation practice for going beyond the physical, by getting physical. Takes awhile to get used to but when you relax into it, it’s really special. Options to use Shakti mat to deepen your yoga practice"
Lucy C.
"Great. Everything as expected"
Agnija M.
I like it
"It helps with muscle pain, skin tone, cellulite. I can't wait to move up to the nxt strength!"
Julia D.
Lovely mat, customer service was brilliant
"I have been using the mat for about a week now and although I still have pain in my upper back and neck, it is a lot less than it was. I used to come home nearly in tears but after using the mat for 20 mins a night has definitely helped! Have been recommending it to all my friends! "
Kelly B.
From restless to deep sleep
"I'm still getting used to it - I did find it had no impact if I had clothing between my skin and the mat, but I now lie on it before bed for 15 minutes, skin to mat, and have noticed I fall asleep instantly. I feel really restless within 5 minutes of lying on it, so I almost struggle to stay on it, but persist and am happy I do! I look forward to trying it in different ways now. "
Holly D.
love it
"great quality. I need to read up a wee bit more to find out information on how to use it properly. "
Gemma M.
"I have a long term chronic condition that causes me a lot of pain and sleepless nights. I was pretty sceptical about the Shakti mat but I have to say it is the single most effective non-pharmaceutical pain reliever I have found. The initial effect is painful but that very quickly turns into a tingling warmth. It’s so easy to just lie on the mat and read a book before I go to sleep - and the sleep is so much improved. It’s a bit like being enveloped in a deep, warm hug which lasts way beyond the time spent lying on the mat. Thoroughly recommended."
Lydia M.
Great product
"I have had a bad back for a few years now. Used my daughters mat whilst visiting her in NZ, and it really made a difference. Have been using the mat every day for a week now. Muscles are more relaxed and pain is much less. "
Liz F.
"Helped relax back muscles!would recommend to a friend"
Marina G.
I love it and recommend it
"I use it to settle me and for any pain relief. It’s a meditation. I am annoyed, however, that it doesn’t come in a bag to store it and pack it while travelling. Could you please send me a bag? The box is bulky and fallls apart."
Christina P.
My best purchase ever ! :)
"The mat helps me relax at night and I’ve noticed a real improvement for my neck. Following an injury, it’s always a bit painful but after using the mat, the pain is gone and I have more mobility. Amazing love it!"
Vanessa V.
Love it!!
"It unique. I love using it x"
Froggatt S.
Super product, delivery slow
"Great, fascinating, want to use more. Perfectly made."
steven v.
Very pleasantly surprised
"I wasn't sure if I'd be able to use this mat but I am really happy I got it, it takes only a little getting used to and it feels very good, relaxing and my back problems have begun to improve as well."
Petra S.
My best buy
"After a prickly start .... I love it!!! Going to take it on holiday too!!! Would recommend this to everybody!!!"
Susan S.
Money well spent
"As expected this bad boy took some time to get used to but I've been consistent in using my mat and have notice a huge difference in my back and neck pain when I wake up in the morning now. My partner who's a farmer stands on it every night to help with his sore legs and feet after his hard day at work. I'm happy I spent the money in this little guy :)"
Bonnie B.
Love it
"I use my Shakti before sleeping each night along with playing a meditation from an app and it shuts me down for the best sleep ever!!"
joe m.
Energising and Relaxing!
"I absolutely love my shakti mat! It�۪s amazing how it can be so energising and relaxing at the same time. At first I struggled to lay on it with bare skin for longer than a minute but now I�۪m able to lay on it for half an hour while meditating! I always get up off of it feeling calm, centred and energised. I�۪ve already got a couple of friends onto them as well!"
Courtney G.
"In love with this orange baby! It helps relieve pain in my lumbar, inital discomfort but getting better in time. Thanks heaps! I am definitely getting my friends one!"
Sarah M.
A daily ritual
"My shakti is amazing. I lie on it when I'm sore. When I meditate. When I get time to myself. It helps relieve my muscles after training and has improved my sleep dramatically. Recommend it to all my friends!"
Lizzie M.
Pretty amazing
"I ordered a Shakti mat as I heard good review. When I first tried it, I was scared and it did hurt, it took awhile to get use to it, but after a couple of minutes it actually feels amazing. Now I love it, even my partner and kids love it, sometimes we fall asleep lying on it coz its complete relaxation and our body just feels great afterwards. We got the ring as well, and oh my goodness I highly recommend that too...but warning it makes you want a giant ring that you could roll all over your complete body, as it just awakens and makes your fingers feel amazing, you just want to roll it every where, lol"
Rose-Anne D.
One of my best investments
"I love my mat. Lying on in for the first time, can take your breath away for a second _��� Then it starts to feel amazing. I use it daily now, and sometimes practice mindfulness/meditation at the same time. My body feels so much better after using it. It doesn�۪t hurt, it�۪s actually very soothing, if that makes sense. I can�۪t fault anything about the product or the company."
Robyn B.
The Good Spikes!!!
"My daughter and I both love our Shakti mats. We received great customer service from beginning to end. Thank you. First experience: Ouch to Wow in no time flat! Just love that it can get to all the right places. Still loving it. We just need to save up to get the pillow as I get a lot of pain in my neck. I tried rolling the mat but just can't get the right spot with it. Thank you :) xx"
Leanne B.
"So glad I bit the bullet and purchased a Shakti mat. It has markedly improved my back pain - I try to lie on it every night for 20min while reading my book before bed. The only problem is that my husband keeps trying to steal it haha! Will have to buy a second one for his birthday!"
Amy F.
Amazing product
"A friend ordered this product, and as soon as I felt it, I had to get it. It was amazing. My order was easily placed and arrived within a week. I purchased the shakti mat and ring. OMG, I�۪m in love with them. The mat took a little while to get used to, but I use it regularly now and find it relaxes me. I can use the ring anywhere, and it relieves so much tension. Absolutely amazing products that I highly recommend to anyone."
Kelly D.
"I love the Shakti mat. I suffer from severe restless leg syndrome in my left leg and sometimes at night can take hours to fall asleep. I use the mat laying on my left side and place it under my leg and I can't feel my RLS which allows me to fall asleep rather quickly. It also feels amazing on my neck and feet."
Rachel P.
Love Love Love
"I am in love with my Shakti Mat! I use it every day and find it adds so much value to my life!"
Lauren B.
Love it!
"Love my mat. Arrived in good time and good condition. Website easy to use. Have not needed to contact customer service as have no complaints. Painful first time, lasted only a few minutes. Still painful when first lie on it but can go 1/2 hour or more now (partner even fell asleep on it)..."
Bernadette G.
Great for relieving tension
"Quality made, these mats hit the right points (because they hit every point!). First time was a little too painful for my feet, but they get used to it fairly quick. I've found it especially nice on my neck and head, as I get muscular tension there when stressed."
Regan R.
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