User Reviews


"I struggle with back and neck pain and the Shakti Mat is absolutely incredible to help with extra tension. I hight recommend!"
Joana R.
Best new discovery
"Wow I had these recommended by a friend. My husband loves it and has mastered bare skin. I’m using a thin layer between me and mat. Only had it 4 days and we are hooked. I will be ordering 2 more. Xx"
helen B.
Loving my Shakti mat orange
"such a joy, on the reccomendation of a friend I bought a shakti mat orange, and I am enjoying it every morning first thing when i wake up, it is so energising and makes me feel all zingy. It maybe the shakti mat or not but i have also been sleeping much better"
rosemary h.
Shakti mat
"Early days but hope it will give me some relief! "
Lisa Zychowicz
"My experience with Shakti mat is more than I was expecting. My husbands father was so interested in it and now he wants one as well :)). what can I say.... it doesn’t only improve blood circulation, but relations as well 😂."
Diana I.
"The mats provide amazing relief!"
Kristy-Lea S.
Second round!
"I bought this mat as a Christmas present for my husband. He had one before and when it eventually after many years started to break down he missed it so much over the last couple of months, that I decided to get him a new one! It is the one natural help for his insomnia and got him away from relying too much on sleeping pills. Thank you Shakti Mat!"
Christine S.
"I had to wait very long for this purshase **** it was worth it"
Roos d.
customer service feed back
"well i'm happy that i received a warm reply from the customer service, and can't wait to have my own mat. as i've tried the original mat many times from a friend of mine, and it works wonder to my body, it's better to my back than even getting a massage, almost has the same effect as the Chinese cupping. thanks for your respectable service "
noha elostaz
Love it!
"In the beginning, I thought it was super painful (I used the mat on the floor), but after moving it to my bed I love this thing. It really helps me to relax and is takes the stress away from my body when I have an allergic reaction."
Gabri��lle K.
Love it!
"In the beginning, I thought it was super painful (I used the mat on the floor), but after moving it to my bed I love this thing. It really helps me to relax and is takes the stress away from my body when I have an allergic reaction. "
Gabriëlle K.
"Was excited to hear about the benefits of this mat. I love it and find it so relaxing that I've fallen asleep on it! Helping with lower back and I love standing on it too. Would recommend highly "
Sarah B
"Firstly customer service was very prompt. The Shakti Mat is just wonderful - I am recovering from shingles in the lower back and this mat really helped the pain and assisted with the sleeping problems that go with that complaint. After only using it for 10 days the relief has been amazing."
Ann S.
"Very skeptical about this mat but after using it for one week I was hooked! Sleep is better, back and neck are better."
Suzi C.
Shakti mat
"I love my mat <3 I have trouble sleeping and have found that it has improved since I started using my Shakti mat. I am still wearing light clothing when I use it and often fall into a deep sleep for the 20 minutes or so that I am on the mat. Would highly recommend. the service and delivery were fast and hassle free."
Awesome mat
"Loving our mat, great product and service, thanks. 👍"
Jo H.
Good for me, good for my son.
"I love the Shakti Mat. My son - who is only 6 - also loves it. Thank you."
David H.
"Painful at first but so relaxing after couple of minutes. I use it almost every night to relax after a long day at work. I wouldn't have thought a spiky mat would be so much help to release stress, back tensions and balance my thoughts. I love it! Definitely recommend it!"
Margaux L.
"First try was painfull but had instant relief from pain in my lower back Comparable to a visit to the osteopath so money well spend! Fast despatch of product and well received"
Martin N.
My Shakti mat
"Great Mat, fast delivery, well packaged and very easy to order online. Like everyone else, i LOVE my shakti mat. Many thanks."
Andria V.
It Grows on You
"I was introduced to the light Shakti mat about 2 years ago by my trainer as a good way to start exercise. I found it difficult initially but realised it had a positive affect on my sense of wellbeing and now after a busy day and tired feet will often go to the Shakti mat as a way of de-stressing and relaxing. Many family members find the same. Ordering the mat was very easy and it arrived very promptly."
Mary-Elizabeth B.
"Excellent service. Prompt and personal. I was contacted by the team all the way through, including a phone call by them to sort out a minor problem of my making. Excellent product. It was a gift for a family member and they are thrilled with it. Has alleviated their back pain. Overall very happy and would highly recommend. Well done!"
Yvonne C.
Shakti mat
"Hard to stand on for the first week, now feels great"
Beth C.
Awesome service, very simple....efficient. Great to
"Awesome service, very simple....efficient. Great to relax with the mat in the evening."
Shona M.
lower back pain
"Fine line between pleasure and pain.Has fully relieved my lower back pain after 1 week.And recomended to a friend with same complaint."
Russell S.
"When I first tried my husbands Father's Day may I didn't know if I was going to cry or laugh. It was as intense feeling that my body needed to get used to. Once I did it was awesome feeling the warm blood rush to my skin. After lying on the mat I felt refreshed but also super relaxed and ready to sleep. The mat arrived in a matter of days and the communication was great."
Amy M.
Loving it!
"I'm so addicted to my shakti mat! I was lucky enough to be gifted one by my sister who felt the same and thought it might be great for me too ❤ I use it mainly on my legs as I spend a lot of time standing on concrete at work and most nights have achey restless legs. The first time was quite ouchy but I got used to it very quickly and LOVE the effects! My legs are soooo relaxed after and best of all no sore legs at night so my sleep has massively improved! Ive started working on my back too and it's just incredible how relaxed and pain free I feel after using :) I'm just so incredibly happy with it and so grateful to my wonderful sister for getting it for me!"
Rachel C.
"Would highly recommend :-)"
Lisa W.
"the team is loving the mat!! and the convenience of the quick courier! thnak you!"
Paula N.
just as nice in real life
"felt very tight when i first rolled it on but got used to it quickly. feels tingly after i've used it. i dont suffer from hand pain or stiffness, but i enjoy using this and it's also a handy little thing to fidget with. hoping it will keep my hands flexible and in good health for the future :)"
sm i.
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