Amazing reaction
"I have Parkinson’s and find it difficult to relax my body but since using the mat I have been getting better quality sleep and use it during the day to relax to good effect. Brilliant."
Maureen N.
Great mat
"It does exactly what it’s says .. "
Carole D.
Love my shakti mat!
"My first try I thought "how am I going to enjoy this"! Then after a while it is so addictive. I listen to my mindful meditations while laying on the mat and look forward to it every night."
Stacey N.
A convert
"I didn't expect to enjoy my new mat straight away, but it was love at first try. I like it so much I am going to get a shakti pillow too. It really does feel relaxing and is a great aid to deep meditation."
Beren C.
A prickly customer
"I bought the Mat for my feet issues (plantar fasciitis) and to help recovery as I’m my feet for long hours. I love it so much it goes from the car to the house, lounge, bed and anywhere in between. My 3 children all live to try it and I find the experience relaxing and soothing after the initial prickly experience. Recommend thoroughly"
Davina P.
"It truely amazing, I have had trouble sleeping for years, my friend had one so I asked her if I could borrow it and try it out..... and wow I haven’t looked back. I now get a better nice sleep than I ever have . Although it’s still only 4-5 hours, I’m hoping the more I use it the longer I will get. I’m aiming for 6 hours ."
Lynne M.
Loving it
"Really hurt to begin with but I have been using it every day and it has become easier. Sleeping much better since I started using this. Thanks"
Lynda S.
Black shakti
"I have been using my mat each night before sleep and I am amazed at the improvement in my sleep quality. Thankyou ❤️❤️ It."
Christine M.
The best thing I’ve bought this year
"I love it! A friend made me try hers and I had to get my own, the first time standing on it was a gasping moment but I’m weirdly addicted and can’t wait for my next turn. It’s very exhilarating and energising. I sleep so much better after a half hour laying on it before bed. 😄"
Tania S.
The ‘BEST’
"I have nothing but good comments on my mat, purchase & service. I love it use it every night & feel nothing but wonderful every day now. It’s a must get one."
Kellie B.
"It is better than I thought, it was a bit prickly the first but now Im used to it."
Jacqui Y.
A whole new experience
"Well it’s a bit ouchy the first few times but if you persist its great. I move it around my body to get the benefit out of pressure points to legs,back, neck and feet. Definitely helping my legs to settle overnight."
Tanya G.
Push through the initial discomfort. What comes next is pure bliss.
"My husband and I are both using our Shakti mat as part of our daily routine. Amazing."
Sandrs H.
Absolutely LOVE my Shakti!
"My experience was so much better then I expected! Well worth every cent and pushing through the first few times to now looking forward to it every night to de-stress & unwind into the most restful sleep! Thank you so much ☺️"
Nina C.
"We have been using or Shakti Mats for a while now. These were additional mats for my clients to use. The effects are almost instantaneous."
Peter D.
Bloody ripper
"I couldn't posssibly say one negative thing about the entire experience. The first couple of times on the mat are a bit of a shock but once relaxed into it, nothing unwinds the mind body and soul better. Cheers"
Brad G.
Love it!
"This has very quickly become part of my daily routine. I am sleeping much more deeply. Love it, would recommend to anyone."
Kim C.
"My new advanced mat is amazing!! So relaxing and great to improve my sleep! Just do it and get one!"
Rachelle Y.
Fantastic product, excellent service
"I love this product and use daily. I think they are so fab that I purchased for a friend as a gift, when I accidentally sent it to the wrong address the Shakti staff were very helpful in sorting it out for me. Thank you"
Rhiannon M.
love it
"when trying the medium one at first it was a bit uncomfortable. But once i got used to it, it has helped me get into a deeper more restful sleep as well as stopping me from snoring my wife is very happy with that."
dominic k.
Post-natal snoozing bliss
"I bought the shakti mat at the very end of my pregnancy. I was a little dismayed to find out it was not advisable to use when it arrived. Now I have had my Bub I have been using my mat to kick off my early evening nap and it’s been Wonderful. I definitely think it’s helping me to relax and recharge, and easing out the aches of breastfeeding. Love it!"
Madeleine M.
Great product! Quick delivery
"My shakti mat was delivered nice and quickly so I could start using it asap! I am still using a thin shirt to get used to it but I feel so refreshed after 10-20 minutes lying on the mat. Have also tried feet but that’s a little more sensitive so I’m currently using it whilst sitting to reduce the pressure. Love getting used to it though!!"
Naomi C.
Shakti WOW
"Quick and excellent from customer service to delivery. I was wanting to use it for circulation in my feet but I didn’t think I would love it this much for my over all body also! Love using it just before bed or when I get home from a hectic day. It helps me unwind and re centre myself. It will feel sharp or too hard to handle at first but it’s really not as bad as you think once you relax and use a few times. I used two light shirts to start off with (bit chicken😂) then one now none I didn’t think on my first go I would get there but you do! Highly recommend to anyone. My family members tried mine and order one straight away.. good as I didn’t want to have to share 😂 It honestly is so relaxing and sorts out any of those annoying tight spots. Love it!"
Lauren P.
This is my first try
"This is my first try and I am overwhelmed how great it has been for me, for back troubles and for sleep, I only wish I had it sooner. I've had it for just over 2 weeks and haven't missed a day."
Lea W.
"At first it takes a little getting used to, you may even say a little paintful, but please give it time. I now melt into my mat and lay there for 15mins or so. I now lay on different parts of my body. The heat generated by our bodies and the sensation is so satisfying. 100% recommendation "
Chris R.
Love my Shakti!
"My experience gas been great! I have slept better since using my Shakti mat! I would definitely recommend to others!"
Gemma R.
Was sceptical
"I was sceptical about whether the mat would live up to the hype... i am soo glad I tried! My suggestion is to start slow. I started with a t-shirt on and after 2-3 days progressed to bare skin. Bare slin for 5mins. Then 10mins. Now about 30mins (I've had it for maybe 10days). I have suffered lower back pain for years so I still wear trackies to cover where it is a bit sensitive (on the Original mat) but am hoping to progress with that. Such ultimate relaxation after I've been on my mat. Turned from a sceptic to a believer and I'm telling anyone who will listen to.give it a try!"
Bec W.
Love it
"I really love the mat! I am using it every day and feel much more relaxed. Needs som time to adjust, but I am looking forward to it every day!"
Viola D.
Don't be afraid, it's really great!
"Better than expected! It's actually quite relieving for me to lay my back on the mat, thank you!"
Anna W.
Spikey heaven
"First try... oh me oh my ...maybe 30secs now every night before sleep for 15 mins while listening to the Calm App. I have never slept better in my life! Quick delivery also. Thanks Shakti Mat"
Bree M.