What is the Shakti Mat Made From?

The Shakti Mat is made from organic cotton with organic dyes. The spikes are ABS recyclable and non-toxic plastic, and the foam is polythene (non-toxic, latex free and typically used for bedding).


Can I Wash My Shakti Mat?

Yes, when needed you can hand-wash the mat using soap and lukewarm water (make sure you take the inner foam out of the mat before you wash it!). Allow the mat to hang and drip dry.

Avoid washing machines and tumble dryers when washing your Shakti Mat, as the plastic points may get damaged.


How Big is the Shakti Mat and How Much Does it Weigh?

The Shakti Mat rolls up into a tote bag to roughly the size of a rugby ball.

Laid flat the mat measures 74cm by 42cm (Original strength mats) or 68cm by 42cm (Light or Advanced mats), and weighs about half a kilo.

Some people take the foam out so that they can squeeze their mat into a suitcase or backpack when they travel.





Which Mat Should I Buy?

We recommend the Original strength Shakti Mat (Orange or Green) for 95% of people. The 6,000 spikes provide the perfect pressure for a deep treatment that is not overpowering to begin with. The only time that we recommend the other mats are as follows:

We recommend Light mats (Yellow or Violet) to those who are elderly, frail, have sensitive skin or are sensitive to pain (i.e. those living with fibromyalgia).

We recommend the Advanced mat (Blue) to those who have already been using the Shakti Mat for a significant period of time, and are looking for a stronger, deeper, more intense treatment.


Does the Shakti Mat Hurt?

Acupressure can be a powerful treatment. During the first few minutes it's common to feel a pricking, warm, sometimes throbbing sensation on the areas being treated. This is due to a couple of reasons – firstly, the increase in circulation to the area, brought about by the body's reaction to the thousands of little spikes putting pressure on your skin!

Then there is also the build up of tension being released. The more discomfort you feel, the more tension in the area that is being unwound. Regular users of the Shakti Mat get little to no pain at all, because tension is much lower in the areas the mat is applied to. Think of the first and tenth massage you get on a stressed area – regular use will drop tension considerably.


For How Long and How Often Can I Use My Shakti Mat?

We suggest that you start with 15 minutes. Once you are accustomed to the feeling, 20-60 minutes per session is standard.

It is not at all dangerous to exceed this time limit – many people fall asleep on the mat, and that is perfectly safe. We recommend regular (if possible, daily) use.


Can I Wear Clothes?

Good question – the Shakti Mat definitely works best against bare skin, but people can find it a little more comfortable with a thin (and old!) t shirt on to begin with.

Another trick to ease into it is to use your Shakti Mat on your bed - because there's a little more give, the treatment is a little less intense.


Is it Good for People with Fibromyalgia, Rheumatism or Arthritis to Use the Shakti Mat?

Yes. Many people feel positive benefits with regular use. 


Will I Be Too Heavy for the Shakti Mat?

We find it is the person's level of skin sensitivity that determines what they feel, not their weight – so no matter what your weight is, you are good to use the mat :-)


Can People With Acne Use the Shakti Mat?

Yes, this should be absolutely fine. We do not recommend people laying on the Shakti Mat if they have open wounds or skin irritation on their back, but light to moderate acne on the back should be absolutely fine.


Can Children Use the Shakti Mat?

Children tend to like the Shakti Mat a lot, because they relax into it very quickly. It helps them to calm down and relax, so try using it at bedtime.


Can People With Skin Disease Use the Shakti Mat?

The points of the Shakti Mat may feel irritating or sensitive to inflamed skin. This sensation may be eased by placing a thin cloth between your skin and the Shakti Mat. You should stop the treatment if you feel you are getting worse.


How Do I Use My Shakti Mat To Target a Specific Area?

Take a look at our How To Use section – it has some awesome information about how to use your Shakti Mat to target different areas of your body.

We've also just introduced the new Shakti Headband, Shakti Footpad and Shakti Acupressure Pillow for targeted treatment :-)


Where Can I Find Reviews?

Have a read of what customers are saying in our Reviews section – this is also an awesome place to get some pro tips about getting the most out of your mat from current Shakti users!





Heart Conditions/Anti-Coagulant Medication Use

This is simply because the Shakti Mat promotes a circulation boost, and this is not recommended for those prone to clotting. Using the Shakti Mat can raise the heart rate for the first few minutes, then lower it on longer sessions as the body relaxes. This effect on the heart for healthy individuals is positive, however we absolutely recommend speaking to a doctor before using the Shakti Mat if you have a heart condition.



Did you know there are acupressure points on the body to help induce labour? As such, we do not recommend the Shakti Mat for pregnant women – please always consult your midwife before using the Shakti Mat if you are pregnant. Here’s some reading on acupressure and labour if you’re interested: 



Substantial Skin Inflammation or Damage in the Areas of Use

We don't want to put our amazing customers at risk of further intensifying any existing skin damage, so we don't recommend the Shakti Mat for those with severe eczema, psoriasis, or large papillomas or moles in the area of use.



We advise sufferers of thrombophlebitis not to use the Shakti Mat due to the risks of increased blood flow for those more susceptible to blood clotting.



Our concern is the possibility that a person may have a seizure while on the mat – and our 6000 spikes are pretty spiky! We cannot recommend the mat for people with epilepsy for this reason. 


Fever or Other Acute Illness

The Shakti Mat is designed to support health and relaxation in a natural way – however we're not medical professionals, and prefer to err on the side of caution with our recommendations. Therefore we don't recommend the Shakti Mat if you're suffering from any acute or severe illness.  





The Mat I Want is Out of Stock!

Sorry for this! We try our best to make sure we’ve always got the Shakti Mat you want in stock, but our production is limited.

Please be assured that we’re doing our best to get the product you want back in stock. If you’d like us to notify you once it’s back please give us an email and we’ll make sure to let you know – we also have updates on any product news on our social media, so you can also keep yourself updated by keeping an eye our Facebook and Insta.


How Do I Order a Shakti Mat?

You can order one directly through our website on our Shop page! Select your Shakti Mat and have your credit or debit card handy to purchase. It will hopefully be pretty clear how to complete the purchase, but let us know if you have any trouble navigating the website.


How Do I Use a Different Billing Address?

Good question! You'll find the option to enter a different billing address at the 'Payment Method' stage of checking out through our website.

You'll want to fill out the 'Customer Information' with the recipient's delivery address, but make sure to enter your own email address (as this is where we email your receipt!).

Hit the 'Continue to Shipping Method' then the 'Continue to Payment Method' buttons, then scroll down and you'll see the option to enter a different billing address. By default the 'Same as Shipping Address' option is selected, but when you click the 'Use a Different Billing Address' option just below, you'll be prompted to enter a separate billing address.


I’m Having Trouble Ordering on Your Website

We're sorry you're not having an easy time purchasing a Shakti Mat through our website!

You'll need to go to the Shop section of our website (the link is up the top) and select the Shakti Mat you want to buy. You'll then need to add it to your shopping cart, by clicking 'Add to Cart'. 

You'll then need to click 'Checkout' on the tab which appears on the right of the screen. You'll be prompted to enter your shipping information, then you'll click 'Continue to Shipping Method' then 'Continue to Payment Method'. You can then choose how you want to pay - the options are 'PayPal' or 'Credit Card'. 

You'll then enter your payment information, and once this has been processed you'll be directed to a confirmation of your order and payment. A confirmation email containing your receipt will be emailed to you, and we'll dispatch your order the next working day :-)

If you're still having trouble please do let us know, and we'll figure out a way to help!


What is Your Returns Policy?

We are so confident that you’ll love your Shakti Mat that we offer a 60-day returns policy :-)





How Long Will Shipping Take?

Our shipping providers and times are as follows:

Netherlands and Belgium - PostNL 1-2 working days

Luxembourg - DPD 1-2 days

Austria and Denmark - DHL 2-3 days

UK - DHL 2-5 days

France - DPD 2-5 working days

Rest of Europe - 3-6 working days


How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Our shipping options are as follows:

Netherlands and Belgium - 5 EUR for one mat, 7 EUR for two mats

Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, France and the UK - 6 EUR for one mat, 8 EUR for two mats

Rest of Europe - 8 EUR for one mat, 10 EUR for two mats


Do You Offer International Shipping?

Yes, absolutely! If you’re after New Zealand shipping please take a look on our Shakti New Zealand website, or if you want check out our Australian shipping services, take a look on our Shakti Australia site.


How Long Will it Take You to Process My Order?

We will have your Shakti Mat dispatched the working day after we receive your order - sometimes if you're lucky we can get it out the same day too! :-)





Where Is My Shakti Mat?

Good question! Get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of this page and we'll help you to track it down :-)

My Mat is Missing a Spike

Oh no, apologies that we’ve sent you a Shakti Mat missing a spike!

Each spikey disc is individually, manually popped into place with love – and so occasionally the two parts may not be clicked into place properly. Sometimes if the discs catch on something (eg. when we’re putting the foam inner into the Shakti Mat) they can pop off without us realising!

Please give us an email with your order information and we’ll get one on its way to you ASAP :-) 


My Shakti Mat is Really Painful, I Think I Ordered the Wrong One!

Firstly, well done on your perseverance with the Shakti Mat so far! Everyone finds it sore at the start - some more than others - but your body will absolutely get used to it.

While the Shakti Mat definitely works best against bare skin, people can find it a little more comfortable with a thin (and old!) t shirt on to begin with.

Another trick to ease into it is to use your Shakti Mat on your bed - because there's more ‘give’, the treatment is a little less intense.

If you find that you’re still really struggling, we’re more than happy to switch your Shakti Mat to a lighter version – just get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of this page :-)


I Want to Return My Shakti Mat

While the Shakti Mat is loved by hundreds of thousands worldwide, we understand that it’s not for everyone!

While we absolutely recommend persevering with your Shakti Mat to access its benefits, if you really want to send it back we’ll refund the full cost you paid for your Shakti Mat in keeping with our Returns Policy - please do note that it's not our policy to refund you the cost of returning it to us.

Get in touch via the contact form below and we’ll let you know how you can arrange this :-)


You Haven’t Answered My Question!

Get in touch with our team via the contact form below - we’ll endeavour to get back to you within 1-2 working days :-)

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