Did you know there are three different levels of Shakti Mat? Light, Original & Advanced.


Duration 20+ Minutes

Lying on your back is the most popular way to use The Shakti Mat. You can place your mat on any surface - but the most common is on a bed. Soft surfaces make contact between your mat and the lower back easier to achieve. Using The Shakit Mat as part of your bedtime routine prepares the body for a deep restful sleep and may help ease the muscles of the back.


Duration 5-10 Minutes

Place your Shakti Mat over a pillow or elavated surface to concentrate the effect on desired areas. Acupressure can support the body’s natural healing activity. You may find your leg muscles warm and relax - perfect for post-exercise recovery. The Shakti Mat can be applied pre-workout for intense nervous stimulation to support muscle activation.


Duration 10+ Minutes

Roll The Shakti Mat up like the photo above or place a rolled towel underneath a flat mat for the same effect. This position can be particularly useful in times of stress and tension. Poor posture while standing or working at a desk can result in tension around the neck and shoulders. Applying The Shakti Mat to this area may help to soothe tired and tight neck and shoulder muscles.



Duration 5+ Minutes

Feet are covered in pressure points making standing on The Shakti Mat a perfect way to achieve a deep acupressure effect. Try standing on The Shakti Mat first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. Both may help to support normal circulation, massage tired feet, or can support an energised and fresh start to the day. Start off in socks, and slowly build up to bare feet.

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